Application of electric cable for lock de-icing

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2023-04-07 11:07

Operating conditions for agricultural and large water bodies of waterworks vary widely, most are away from urban development, located in mountainous terrain, wooded terrain, with insufficient transport and energy support, and the scale of design and capital investment is limited. Manual icing and heat preservation methods have high labor intensity and low efficiency, are highly dependent on human factors, and do not meet the requirements of production safety and automation. Water jet and air blowing methods require a large initial investment in equipment and high energy costs, and are mainly used to control icing before the closures of large and medium-sized reservoirs, which does not meet the conditions and applications for the protection of agricultural water resources.

Electric heating has little effect on the operation of the lock, does not threaten the safety of the lock and waterworks, the technical solution is easy to implement, it can be operated in dry channel conditions, which can meet the need to prevent and control the dangers of freezing and icing. Its operating principle is to equip the power supply with appropriate power according to the ambient temperature and structural size of the sluice, and to install the heating element on the back-face seal joint of the sluice water to prevent the sluice sealing device and the sluice from freezing. The heat generated by the heating element is transferred to the environment through the metal sluice structure, and a warm water zone is maintained around the sluice body, allowing normal opening and closing of the sluice.

Electric heating cables are increasingly used in gateway construction, mainly divided into self-regulating temperature heating cables and constant power parallel heating cables. Electric heating cable in series, the working voltage is usually 220 or 380 V AC. Under normal conditions, self-limiting temperature electric heating cables are mainly used on the equipment platform. Its characteristic is that it can change the calorific value of the heating cable when the ambient temperature changes. It can change the calorific value of the heating cable. Heating cable with ambient temperature change and has the ability of self-monitoring temperature change compensation.

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