The electric heating electric heater can effectively eliminate the freezing and condensation of the molten salt piping system in the chute of the solar thermal power plant.

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2023-03-22 11:03

Solar thermal power generation is currently the most widely used and most mature solar thermal power generation technology. Due to its advantages of high operating temperature, high cycle efficiency and low price, molten salt has officially become the first choice for heat transfer and heat accumulator in photothermal power plants. However, the freezing temperature of the salt melt is usually 120-220 ° C, and there is a risk of freezing and clogging of the pipeline system.

For solar thermal power plants that use the melt of salt as a heat transfer/storage medium, regardless of which mode of operation against condensation is adopted, the salt melt piping and related equipment generally must be equipped with an electric heating system to achieve anti-condensation. The heat required by the electric heating system includes: the heat required to preheat the pipeline or equipment; replenishing the heat losses of the pipeline or equipment, etc. D. When choosing the power of the electric heater for practical application, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the heating power required by the system, the heating time, the equipment cost of the electric heating system, and the operation and maintenance costs.

There are currently two methods for heating electric heating systems suitable for the operating conditions of photothermal power plants: one is impedance, that is, the entire pipe wall is used as a heater, and both ends of the pipe wall and the pipe wall itself have resistance, and current passes through them. Using the direct Joule effect to generate heat; the other is using mineral insulated heating cables to heat and pass the heating core wire to the magnesia insulation layer and the metal sheath to heat the coolant in the pipeline.

In the actual design and operation of solar thermal power plants, the design of the electric heating system mainly takes into account the anti-condensation and pre-heating functions, so the thermal power of the equipment is usually not very large, and only the electric heating system cannot completely defrost the frozen molten salt. Therefore, it is also necessary to configure the mobile electric heater to achieve flexible and rapid thawing at different freezing locations.

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