Comparison of applications for steam heating, antifreeze and electric heating in thermal power plants

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2023-03-20 10:26

Electric heating is widely used in power plants as effective insulation and anti-freeze protection for sampling pipelines. Its working principle is to dissipate a certain amount of heat through the heat heating medium and use direct or indirect heat exchange to make up for heat loss in the heating pipe, which has reached normal operating requirements for temperature increase, heat preservation. And antifreeze. In most electrical fields, the main methods of heat preservation and freezing protection are steam heating and antifreeze heating, as well as electric heating design.

The working principle of steam heating is to dissipate heat through the steam heating pipe to compensate for the heat loss in the insulated pipe, but its thermal energy is unstable, which refers to the unregulated heating method, the temperature fluctuates greatly, and the heating of the entire pipeline is uneven, which can lead to the possibility of evaporation of the measured medium, And this requires large energy costs.

The working principle of antifreeze is to use the lower physical properties of antifreeze refrigerators (usually ethylene glycol type) to prevent the pressure pipeline from freezing due to low temperature. The instrument sampling pipeline, which requires heating in an electric field, is relatively complex, and the laying of the heating pipeline is very inconvenient. In addition, during winter operation, “bubbles, claps, smudges and leaks” often occur in steam heating and antifreeze pipes. Thus, electric heating is used as the preferred method of heat preservation and protection against freezing of the wires of thermal appliances in thermal power plants.

The principle of electric heating is to install a heating element between the thermal insulation layer and the heated pipe and generate electric heat in addition to the heat lost during transportation and storage through the pipeline to keep the heat-heated environment within a certain temperature range.

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