Application of electric heating for antifreeze damage to the drainage ditch of the railway tunnel in winter

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2023-03-10 11:24

Due to the rapid development of railway construction in my country, the length of the tunnels is increasing. During operation, many tunnels, especially in cold regions such as Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia, have frozen runoff, which interferes with normal use. In severe cases, the drains froze. Groundwater loses its drainage channel and overflows into the ballast channel, Causing a large area of ballast bed to freeze, which seriously affects the normal use of the tunnel structure and traffic safety.

Currently, the remedial measures for freezing drainage ditches mainly include increasing the length of thermal insulation ditches, adding frost-resistant drainage holes, and additional electric heating of the ditches. If the tunnel has already been put into operation, then on the basis of a comprehensive accounting of such factors as technical complexity, construction cost and operation safety, a decision is made to use the electric heating scheme of the ditch for processing.

The specific plan is as follows: electric heating tapes are arranged in a double-sided chute at the exit from the tunnel, and automatic start-stop control of electric heating belts is carried out through temperature sensors and ice melting sensors.

When the temperature in the ditch is below 0 ° C., the temperature sensor transmits a signal to the control unit to start the electric heating cable to realize its function of melting ice and to ensure smooth water flow.

As a measure to repair the ditch's freezing damage, the additional electric heating of the ditch produced good results. As an example, we take a railway tunnel in Inner Mongolia. The tunnel is a single track tunnel with a total length of 4800 m and a design speed of 120 km/h. The tunnel is designed for drainage down the slope on one side. Since the operation in winter 2012, the electric heating system is working properly, the water temperature in the drainage ditch is 3 ℃, the water flow is smooth, the antifreeze is good.

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