Electric heating is the best choice for fire insulation of pipelines at oil depots

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2023-03-11 14:03

With the rapid development of the social economy, a large number of energy and other infrastructures have been built. Fires broke out at these oil depots and the fires were fast-paced and violent, and the fires caused great harm. If effective measures are not taken in time, there is a danger of an explosion. They not only damage their own property, but also endanger the lives and property of the people around them. Therefore, the fire protection system of the tank farm has become a primary task.

Since the specific weight of diesel fuel and other substances is lighter than water and insoluble, it cannot be extinguished with water in the event of a fire. A foam fire extinguishing system is commonly used to cover the surface of the oil with a certain thickness of the foam extinguishing agent to isolate the contact surface between the flame and the air to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing. At the same time, when a fire occurs in the area of the tank, the temperature of the oil tank will rise due to fire, which will damage the stability of the tank. If it is not cooled, there will be a danger of an explosion or a closed rupture, which will create great difficulties in extinguishing the fire. Therefore, it is necessary to spray water to cool the valve when extinguishing a fire. To extinguish a fire in the area of the tank, two systems are usually installed: a water fire extinguishing system and a foam fire extinguishing system.

In winter, however, in freezing temperatures, the water and foam in the fire protection system can freeze. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out electric heating and insulation of fire extinguishing pipelines. As tank parks tend to be located in marginal areas with half-completed auxiliary facilities, electric heating has become the first choice for heating due to its low maintenance costs and easy and safe operation.

The principle of antifreeze technology for electric heating of the fire pipe is to attach the heating cable to the outside of the pipe to generate electricity, transfer the heat of the liquid in the pipe, and interact with the pipe's outer insulation layer to compensate for and maintain the temperature of the liquid in the pipe to achieve the calculated temperature level. The purpose of antifreeze for fire-fighting water supply facilities is to prevent the water in the pipe from freezing into the ice, so an electric heating cable is only needed to maintain the water temperature in the object above 0 ° C.

Low temperature self-regulating electric heating cable and self-limiting temperature electric heating cable, the heating cable is in the shape of a strip with a width of more than 11mm, which can cling to the surface of the pipe and use electrical energy for heating. The environment in the spray pipe to keep warm plays the role of keeping heat and antifreeze in a short time. In addition, the electric heating belt has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance, 24-hour maintenance, high automation, low operation and maintenance costs, etc. D., has good economic and social advantages, and is very suitable for large-scale promotion.

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