On the choice of electric heating cables for multiflange pipelines.

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2023-02-09 13:04

Flanges are parts that are interconnected between shafts and are used to connect the ends of pipes. When connecting an electric heating cable to the pipeline, in addition to the pipeline itself, there are corresponding valves and flanges. Pipeline spacing is generally rectilinear or sinuous, but the installation of shut-off valves and flanges is relatively complex and there are requirements for mounting coefficients, so calculations are required.

When calculating the total winding ratio, you should pay attention to five points: 1. The length of the heating wire required for the valve is equal to the valve coefficient multiplied by the electric heating length required for each meter of the pipe; 2. The length of the heating wire required for each flange is equal to double the diameter of the flange Multiplies by the number of electric heating cables, Required per meter of pipeline 3. For other high volume pipe connections, it is necessary to increase the number of electric heating cables to ensure that the place is not frozen 4. Each electric heating cable accessory must be reserved Not less than 1 meter used as a stock for wiring and future maintenance 5. In the process of installation, the different tension of the electric heating cables will cause a certain error in the actual number of installation of electric heating cables.

As an example, take a heating cable with a self-limiting temperature. Due to the resistance characteristics of the PTC self-limiting temperature heating cable, the electric heating cable can independently adjust the temperature, and the winding or winding installation will not cause a sharp increase in temperature. To be too high. So don't worry about whether it can be set in an overlap. Therefore, when using a self-regulating heating cable, the flange and valve can be overlapping.

However, because the temperature of constant power electric heating cables will be too high, they cannot be overlapped when mounted. Therefore, the aforementioned method of bypassing the mountain is simply not suitable. Therefore, various factors should be taken into account when designing the thermal insulation scheme for electric heating cables. If the pipeline is not very long, and there are many flanges and shut-off valves, try to choose self-limiting temperature heating at an acceptable temperature. Cables that can be overlapped and wound.

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