Why choose electric heating for gasifier flocculant preparation station

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2023-01-31 14:44

The gasifier plays a vital role in the process of methanol production, and the flocculant preparation station is the main link in the gasifier wastewater treatment, so the reliable operation of the flocculant preparation station is particularly important.

Maintaining the temperature of the flocculant preparation station pipeline is a relatively important issue in the production process. When the ambient temperature decreases when the excitation occurs, the flow rate in the pipeline will decrease and affect the performance of the process. The gasifier is stopped for maintenance in the winter, the environment can be solidified, a blockage or even a breakdown of the pipeline can also occur. Therefore, it is extremely important to isolate the environment in the pipeline.

For most of the heating of the gas generator pipelines of the company's coal chemical branch in Heilongjiang Province, steam heating is used. Electric heating should use electrical thermal energy to supplement the heat lost by the heating body in the process to maintain the most reasonable process temperature of the flow medium. The electric heating is designed to evenly release heat along the length of the pipeline, and the heating temperature is maintained for a long time, which is suitable for long-term use. Thus, other pipelines of the gasification rate flocculant preparation station use electric heating.

Compared with steam heating, electric heating has the following advantages:

The electric heating device is simple, with uniform heating and precise temperature control. Can realize automatic control.

Explosion-proof area has explosion-proof, all-weather operation, high reliability and long service life.

Electric heating has no leaks, which is useful for environmental protection.

Installation of electric heating does not require additional insulating materials, which saves thermal insulation materials.

There is no need for a lot of steam, which saves a lot of water.

Electric heating solves problems that are difficult to solve with steam, such as tees and pressure pipelines, etc. D. The design working load of the electric heating is small, the design is convenient, and the maintenance volume is small.

High efficiency, can significantly reduce energy consumption.

As a result, the company opted for a self-regulating electric heating belt. The electric heating element of the self-regulating electric heating belt is a belt core made of a layer of PTC material uniformly extruded between two parallel metal tires. When two buses are connected to a power supply, current flows horizontally from one bus through a layer of PTC material to the other bus. The PTC layer is an electric heating element connected parallel to the bus, which converts electrical energy into thermal energy. And accompanies the thermal insulation operating system. The resistance of the baseband increases as the temperature rises. In the high resistance region, the resistance almost blocks the current, and the temperature of the baseband reaches the upper limit and no longer rises, but the temperature is automatically limited. The output power of the electric heating belt is mainly controlled by the heat transfer process and the temperature of the heated system.

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