Which electric heating to choose in the area of installation of explosive gases

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2023-01-31 14:39

Before heating operating instruments and pressure lines, steam heating is usually used due to the labor intensity of installation work, leakage of steam when it is turned on and off. This article deals with the design issues related to the use of electric heating of the current 220 V in the area of the device with strong explosives and liquids based on the device made of cotton fiber of the chemical company in Nanjing.

Due to the low winter temperature in the Nanjing plant area, it is necessary to heat working tools and pressure pipes. The design uses electric heating, and is powered by an AC 220 V mains from a local electrical panel. All kinds of raw materials or intermediates in each zone of the installation are explosive liquids or gases. Among them are ammonia, ammonia or benzene. With such work, the use of 220 V AC electric heating was normal from the moment of operation, and the heating effect was good, which shows that in these conditions it is possible to use electric heating.

The structure of the self-regulating electric heating belt consists of wire core, core, insulation, protective layer, shell and other parts. Our products with self-regulating electric heating belt are relatively full of models and specifications among similar domestic enterprises, including 24 V, 36 V, 110 V, 220 V, 380 V and other voltage levels by voltage classification; (fireproof core tape, fireproof insulation, flame retardant shell) and electric fluoride heating belt (Fluorine material core, fluorine material insulation, fluorine material shell); application classification includes civil solar power, industry, geothermal heating, special purpose fire protection, thermal oil recovery and so on. Among them, 12 V electric heating belts are mainly used for imported and domestic high-end car seat cushions; 24 V and 36 V electric heating belts are mainly used in 110 V low voltage countries (such as Japan, etc. D.).

China); 220 V electric heating belt is suitable for public places; 380 V voltage level is suitable for high voltage and low current places.

Self-adjustable temperature heating belt has the advantages of small starting current, good memory performance, low annual attenuation rate, long service life, etc. D. Its various technical indicators are among the best in the same industry in China and have reached the advanced international level.

As an example, we take the low temperature self-regulating electric heating belt:

Low temperature self-regulating electric heating belts are widely used in civil solar energy, geothermal heating, fire, petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, environmental protection and other industrial enterprises. Coagulation and antifreeze. The heating cable is suitable for common areas, explosive zones and corrosion zones. After being used together with the explosion-proof power junction box, it is suitable for T6, T4 and T3 explosive gas mixtures in the first and second areas of the plant, which are not directly affected by external forces.

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