Application of constant power electric heating system on ships

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2023-01-09 10:59

The electric heating system is widely used in the manufacture of modern petroleum, chemical, offshore platforms and other industries, but is less used in shipbuilding.

Electric heating is cleaner than traditional heating (e. g. steam, hot water, hot oil, etc. E.). It has the advantages of energy saving, high-precision automatic temperature control, fast temperature rise, easy installation, low operation and maintenance costs, etc. D., and can work in harsh conditions on board. Using proven technologies accumulated with the use of electric heating systems in other industries, steam heating of fuel pipelines can be replaced by electric heating. At this time, there is no need to ignite the filter oil burner, or no need to convert the daily fuel system to the use of light diesel fuel, and the electric heating system can also be used to burn fuel oil for the main and auxiliary engine fuel systems. It is thanks to the above characteristics that electric heating gradually gained popularity and popularity among shipowners.

Constant power electric heating cables can be divided into two types: parallel connection and serial connection. Parallel electric heaters of constant power of a longer working power supply are divided into single-phase and three-phase. Among them, single-phase electric heating cables are commonly used for heating and heat preservation of small diameter pipes or short piping of pipe network systems; three-phase electric heating cables are generally suitable for heating and heat preservation of large diameter pipes, pipeline system, pipelines and tanks, Serial electric heating cables Suitable for heating and isolation of main and ultra-long-range single pipelines. The maximum length of the power point is from hundreds of meters to thousands of meters.

During the operation of the ship, to ensure the normal operation of its equipment and systems when fuel oil is burned, it is necessary to conduct electric heating of fuel oil pipeline systems such as daily fuel oil, oil return and unloading, lighter and other pipeline systems.

The design of the electric heating system is the same as that of the pipeline steam heating system. Before choosing the type, it is necessary to calculate the heat required to maintain the heat loss caused by the flow of the medium through the pipeline. Replacement compensation for the cost of heat. In addition, other factors should be considered, such as the working conditions on the ship. Features of the economy and energy supply conditions. These are mainly the following aspects:

The heat resistance class is selected according to the operation temperature of the pipeline and the periodic maximum operating temperature, and the corresponding heating temperature class is selected by calculating the heat loss of the pipeline.

The shape of the electric heating cable is selected according to the power supply conditions on board, the power grid load, the size of the pipe diameter, the length of the pipe and the valve parts of the pipe. Voltage level to determine whether a parallel or sequential, single-phase or three-phase belt should be used.

According to the calculation of the total length of the heating cable required for the piping system, the equipment, fittings and appliances on the pipeline fittings also need electric heating, which can be accounted for according to 10%-15% of the length of the pipeline.

According to different usage environments, determine the structure of the required electric heating belt. The working conditions on the ship are harsh, so it is necessary to use a marine electric heating cable.

The structure and process group of marine constant power electric heating cables are the same as that of HBL parallel electric heating cables In addition to all the characteristics of advanced constant power parallel electric heating cables, marine electric heating cables have the best mechanical, fire, heat resistance, and mildew resistance.

It has been proven by many years of practice that a constant power electric heating system can operate normally on a ship, meet the heating requirements of fuel oil pipelines under various conditions of operation of the ship, and can also be used as a backup steam heating system. Tracking.

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