Consistent electric heating can be used to protect against freezing and preserve the heat of the ethylene plant's flare gas regeneration pipeline.

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2022-11-09 13:08

An integral part of the ethylene project is a flare system that ensures safety and environmental protection. The combustible gas emitted by petrochemical plants during normal production and emergency accidents can be called flare gas. To reduce costs and reduce pollution, petrochemical companies have installed flare gas recycling systems to reuse flare gas. However, due to the moisture contained in the flare gas component of the ethylene plant, freezing and blockage is possible at low temperature in winter, so heat preservation and electric heating must be added to the transport pipeline. In 2014, using the example of an electric heating cable that we delivered to the petrochemical plant in Karamay, you will see how to choose a suitable electric heating cable for the flare gas disposal pipeline.

The flare gas of the ethylene plant contains 2.87% moisture, and the pressure drop in the pipeline is only 0.02MPa. If the temperature of the environment is below 20 degrees Celsius, moisture will precipitate, and with prolonged accumulation-to plug the pipeline. We believe that the temperature of the flare gas pipeline is regulated within 25-50 ° C so that the temperature at the end of the gas pipeline cannot be below 25 ° C. The burner gas contains vinyl acetylene, which can explode when overheated, so the maximum controlled temperature does not exceed 60 °C. After a comprehensive comparison, we have selected a series of electric heating cables for this factory.

The operating voltage of the serial electric heating cable is 380 V, which corresponds to the working voltage of the electric heating cable, the method of laying the three electric heating cables in parallel, the heat dissipation of the pipeline is 63.7 W/m, and the total power required for m should be greater than or equal to 63.7 W. The output power per m of the single electric heating cable should be greater than or equal to 21.3 W, because the single core electric heating cable has good work stability and can match the output power. Requirements, single core electric heating cable is selected.

In order to calculate the length of a single electric heating cable, in addition to taking into account the total length of the pipe and the margin ratio, the compensation length is taken into account by the increased heat dissipation of the pipe bracket (compensation for the use of heat-insulated pipe brackets), the increase in pipe knees, the length of the shower, the increase in the length of the portal, etc. D. The compensatory length of the pipe bracket is 3.5 times the length of the pipe diameter, the pipe elbow must be added 1.5 times the length of the pipe diameter, the shower must be added 2.5 times the length of the shower pipe, the power distribution box and the tail must be backup 2 m. Finally, the length of one electric heating cable is determined to be 2000 meters.

Our tandem electric heating tapes have been working reliably and efficiently in this field for many years, keeping the pipe temperature above 25 °C in winter.

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