Fire electric heating cables are commonly used for self-regulating heating cables and constant power heating cables.

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2022-08-29 17:03

There are two types of fire electric heating cables: self-regulating heating cables and constant power heating cables. Self-regulating heating cables are also called self-regulating point heating cables.

Self-temperature heating cable

Self-regulating electric heating cable can automatically limit the heating temperature, and the output power can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the heating element. It can be arbitrarily cut or lengthened within a certain range of length, allowing you to cross the overlap without worrying about overheating and burning at high temperature Maintenance is simple and energy-saving. The structure of the self-regulating electric heating belt consists of wire core, core, insulation, protective layer, shell and other parts. The voltage classification includes 24 V, 36 V, 110 V, 220 V, 380 V and other voltage levels, the fabrication material classification includes conventional heating cables, flame retardant heating cables (flame retardant core, flame retardant insulation, flame retardant shell) and fluorine materials electric heating belt (fluorine core belt, Fluoride material

material insulation, fluoride material shell), etc. D.

Product structure of self-monitoring and self-monitoring temperature electric heating cable

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