Winning the tender: Hainan plant for the processing and chemical production of marine fuel oil, as well as a project for the reconstruction of warehouse and transport facilities-a project for an electric heating device

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2023-04-01 13:16

Hainan Refining & Chemical is the first refinery to be built by Sinopec in the 21st century to international standards, with a comprehensive crude oil processing capacity of 8 million tons per year and an area of 3,750 mu.

Hainan Refining & Chemical currently has 30 sets of refining and chemical production facilities and related facilities for oil storage and transportation, public works, a 300,000 ton self-contained crude oil terminal and a 100,000 ton refined oil terminal, a crude oil trade storage and Sinopec. (Hong Kong) oil product transshipment operations. The main products are gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, sulfur, fuel oil, benzene, p-xylene, o-xylene, polypropylene and styrene, among which the quality of gasoline and diesel products for vehicles meets the National VI standard.

This Time Sinopec Hainan Oil Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. announces tenders for the production of marine fuel oil and the transformation of warehouse and vehicles. He participated in several rounds of bidding. Shandong Huaning has excellent design solutions, excellent product quality, and adheres to the principles of safety and environmental protection., the principle of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, Stood out among many bidders and won the auction in one fell swoop. We will strive to continue to supply high-quality electric heating devices for the oil refining and chemical industries.

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