Electric heating cable effectively solves the problem of winter concrete care

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2023-03-24 11:50

Since the 1970 s, electric heating as an innovative material has been gradually applied in the processing industry. In the process of continuous use, electric heating is characterized by long service life, low temperature gradient, long thermal stability time and simplicity. These advantages are gradually widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, medicine, machinery, food, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction and other industries. In the construction industry, especially in the alpine regions of China in winter, it is often difficult to maintain concrete due to the low temperature, which affects the progress of the project, such as Embedding electric heating in winter concrete can effectively solve the problem of winter concrete maintenance and ensure the quality of winter concrete is guaranteed. Because of this, the electric heating gradually favors the construction industry.

Take the Shenyang Project: During winter construction, the main structure is prone to freeze due to the high water content of concrete in cold winter conditions, resulting in cracks from frost after concrete is poured, leading to a number of quality and safety concerns. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the construction unit comprehensively compared the heat storage method, the complex heat storage method, the electric heating method and the greenhouse method, and finally introduced the electric heating for winter concrete hardening and achieved good results.

How to build an electric heating cable into concrete in winter civil concrete construction, the heating of the electric heating cable will affect the temperature of the concrete (i. e., heat the surrounding concrete). The self-control temperature electric heating cable realizes temperature control through self-regulation, and can also carry out intelligent control of the electric heating temperature with a thermostat to reduce temperature error and deviation, reduce power consumption and reduce cost.

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