Winning the tender: Electric heating system for the northern section of Tianjin Metro Line 4 PPP project.

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2022-10-31 16:27

Project name: The electric heating system of the northern part of the Tianjin Metro Line 4 PPP project.

Application Products: Pipeline Electrical Insulation Products

Tianjin Rail Transit Line 4 (Tianjin Rail Transit Line 4) -The seventh operating railway transit line in Tianjin, China. The southern section will be open for operation on December 28, 2021. The PPP project of the northern section of Tianjin Metro Line 4 starts from a small street in Beichen District in the north, ends at Hebei Street in Hongqiao District in the south, and runs through Beichen District, Hebei District and Hongqiao District along the line. The completion of the entire Tianjin Rail Transit Line 4 line will help further promote the planning and construction of peripheral groups such as Shuangjie Group and Jingjin Road, which will greatly facilitate the daily travel of citizens.

Currently, the main parts of the 7 stations, including Lanyuan Station, Shuangjie Station, Xizhaozhuang Station, Guoyuan South Road Station, Nancang Station, Tianmu Station and Siyuzhuang Station, are closed. Four sections: Langyuan Station-Chailou Station, Shuangjie Station-Xizhaozhuang Station, Nancan Station-Tianmu Station, and Xiyuzhuang Station-Xizhan Station were connected by two lines. In December this year, work began on laying the track. Therefore, in October, the design department began purchasing electric heating system equipment for the northern part of Tianjin Metro Line 4 PPP project. The principle of reducing costs and improving efficiency stood out among many bidders and won the tender in one fell swoop.

The purpose of pipeline insulation and antifreeze is to compensate for the heat loss caused by the temperature difference inside and outside the pipeline shell. To achieve the purpose of protecting the pipeline from freezing and preserving heat, it is only necessary to provide the heat lost by the pipeline and maintain the heat balance of the fluid in the pipeline to keep the temperature of the device basically unchanged. The insulation system of the heating cable pipes is designed to ensure the heat loss of the pipeline, and the temperature of the supporting device is basically unchanged.

Antifreeze Pipeline Electric Heating Project, that is, a low-temperature heating system with an electric heating belt, a heating system using electrical energy directly converted to thermal energy. The pipeline's electric heating system consists of three parts: the pipeline's electric heating power supply system, the pipeline's non-freezing electric heating system and the pipeline's intelligent electric heating control alarm system. Each heating cable unit includes a thermostat, a temperature sensor, an air switch, and an insulating transmission of the AC limit overpass alarm. Chains such as the heating cable disconnect sensor, the working state display, the sound fault signal, and the transformer are used to monitor, ventilate and adjust the working state of the electric heating.

In working condition, the temperature sensor is placed on the heated pipeline, and its temperature can be measured at any time. The thermostat detects the set temperature, compares it to the temperature measured by the temperature sensor, isolates the transmission through the air switch in the control unit of the heating cable and the alarm over the AC limit, and shuts off the power supply in time with Jiatong to achieve the purpose of heating and antifreeze.

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