Antifreeze electric heating case and pipeline conservation on offshore drilling platforms

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2022-10-18 11:38

In winter, the ambient temperature in the Bohaya Sea reaches-30 degrees Celsius. If the insulated pipelines and containers of the offshore oil drilling platform have no antifreeze and heat preservation measures, none will be damaged by freezing. How to ensure that pipelines are not frozen damaged has become the key to the continuous safe operation of the drilling platform during the winter.

This is an ideal way to heat and maintain the pipeline with a self-regulating electric heating belt. This electric heating belt reduces electrical energy and converts it into thermal energy sufficient to heat the pipeline to compensate for the heat loss in the pipeline. And it can also be changed according to the change of ambient temperature. The generation of electricity not only limits the temperature from too high, but also saves electricity, so that the temperature of the pipeline itself is always higher than the freezing point temperature so that the liquid in the pipeline does not freeze.

Parameters of self-regulating electric heating cable

Features of self-regulating temperature heating cable

(1) Automatic adjustment of output power and compensation according to the actual amount of heat required by the electric heating system This is a new generation of energy-saving constant temperature heaters.

(2) It can be arbitrarily shortened or lengthened within a certain range, and it allows multiple overlapping without fear of overheating and igniting.

(3) Low temperature, fast start and uniform temperature, as each part can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature change of the heating part.

(4) Easy installation, easy maintenance, 24-hour service, high automation, low operation and maintenance costs.

(5) Safety and reliability, wide application, no pollution, long service life.

In September 2022, as a long-term partner, we installed an electric heating system for the Israeli drilling platform CNOOC Boshang. For this design, we provided not only self-regulating electric heating cables, constant power electric heating cables, but also there are leather electric heating cables.

The practice has shown that the application of antifreeze electric heating and heat preservation technology on offshore drilling platforms gives good results, providing a reliable guarantee of the safety of offshore operations in winter.

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