Electric heating system thermal insulation port petrochemical pipeline

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2022-09-22 15:51

With the development of modern industry, the electric heating system is widely used for anti-freezing, anti-condensation and heat preservation of pipelines, valves, containers, tools and pipelines in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgical, food, ship, offshore platforms and others. Places. Due to the numerous advantages of the electric heating method, it gradually replaced the traditional trend of steam heating. Electric heating is the use of electrical energy to heat uniform heat emitted along the length of the heating main or on a large plane, to compensate for the heat release of the heated object in the technological flow, to maintain the temperature of its environment within an acceptable operating temperature. Range, and meet the requirements of its technological process. In the northern region, in winter, oil storage tanks and auxiliary pipelines are required to heat the environment to reach an operational condition while operating with oil.

In the petrochemical industry in the north, when crude oil, diesel fuel, bitumen oil and other raw materials are transported through trunk pipelines, the pipeline system must be treated with thermal insulation and heating to ensure the smooth transportation of petroleum products. Now take Liaoning Yingkou Port as an example to briefly introduce the application of our electric heating products for pipeline insulation.

Currently, the most commonly used forms of electric heating are constant power electric heating cables, surface effect electric heating cables, and self-regulating electric heating cables.

Yingkou Port mainly includes the connection of petroleum products in the dock loading and unloading area and the main pipeline to the pipeline corridor to the rear of the tank. The electric heating pipelines in the oil tank area of this project are mainly DN900 trunk pipeline entering and exiting the group of tanks, DN500 pipeline entering and coming from the oil pump, and DN250 long-distance loading pipeline. The pipeline medium is crude oil and the operating temperature is 60 °C. The trunkline is equipped with continuous power electric heating cables, and each branch of the pipeline is equipped with constant power parallel electric heating cables, which are appropriately controlled by in-situ designed electric heating boxes.

The electric heating control unit has a built-in temperature monitor that collects the thermal resistance signal and the signal passes through the optical fiber vessel's PLC control system. When the system detects that the temperature of the pipeline is lower than the set temperature of the system by the temperature sensor, the system will automatically adjust the power to start the electric heating, otherwise it will automatically turn off, To stop the electric heating (start at 50 °C and stop at 60 °C).)

In addition to crude oil, the pipeline environment of Yingkou Port includes diesel, gasoline, bitumen oil, ballast water, and fire extinguishing water. Pipe sections in the loading and unloading area are relatively short, so constant power heating cables are used. Long pipelines in the pipeline gallery use electric leather heating. The load of the electric heating system of the skin is complex and complex, is a composite load consisting of inductance, capacitance and resistance, and imposes high requirements on the transformer. The skin effect transformer is different from the transformer used to power the product, and is a special electric heating transformer with skin effect.

At present, our electric heating cables are in normal use in Yingkou Port. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with Yingkou Port and continue to contribute to the heating and insulation of Yingkou pipes.

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