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Circulating electric heater

The circulation electric heater is a method of heating the liquid by forced convection of the pump. It has small size, high heating power, high thermal efficiency, high operating temperature and pressure, the maximum operating temperature can reach 600 °C, and the pressure resistance can reach 20 MPa.

Flange cluster electric heater

Flange cluster electric heater is a popular all over the world high quality and durable electric heating equipment. Heating, heat preservation and heating of leaking liquid and gaseous media.

Channel electric heater

The electric air duct heater is mainly used to heat the air in the air duct. The specifications are divided into three types: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The general design is that the steel plate is used to support the electric heating tube.

Immersion Electric Heater

The submersible electric heater is mainly used in the case of direct contact heating of the liquid. It has the characteristics of fast heat exchange and high thermal efficiency. It is divided into water heaters, oil heaters and gas heaters.

Explosion-proof electric storage tank heater

The storage tank heater is an extension of the application field of the immersion heater and is used to heat and preserve the heat of various storage tanks, tank cars and other containers.

Gas Pressure Relief Heater

It is suitable for heating high pressure natural gas, liquefied gas and other high pressure gases at the mouth of oil and gas wells.

Heat carrier electric heating system

Used in petrochemical industry, petroleum materials, building materials industry, textile printing and dyeing, food, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, etc. D.

Electric Tube Heater Vertical Explosion Proof

The small size is due to three aspects: first, this product uses high-density grouped tubular electric heating elements, which increase the heat exchange surface of the medium in the effective volume of the container and occupy a smaller volume; second, the liquid inlet and outlet of this product is placed in the same direction, abandoning the design of the traditional circulation heater. Going up and down or left and right, the pipeline pattern is simple and the volume of the entire system is reduced.

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