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Self-adjustable low temperature series

Shandong Huaning designed low temperature self-regulating electric heating belt suitable for common areas, hazardous areas, corrosion zones, etc. D. And used to keep heat, prevent coagulation and freezing. The standard color of the low temperature self-regulating electric heating belt is black or blue, and the main belt can withstand temperatures up to 90 °C.

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Application area

Low temperature self-regulating electric heating tapes are widely used in civil solar energy, geothermal heating, fire, petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, environmental protection and other industrial enterprises. Coagulation and antifreeze. The heating cable is suitable for common areas, explosive zones and corrosion zones. After being used together with an explosion-proof power junction box, it is suitable for use in explosive gas mixtures at T6 Group locations in the first and second plant zones not directly affected by external forces.




Product Number


Temperature Class: Low Temperature (D) Series


Design Type: Explosion Proof (PF)


Voltage Level: 24 V 36 V 110 V 220 V


Rated power at 10 °C: 10 W/m, 15 W/m, 20 W/m, 25 W/m, 30 W/M





Structural Principle (5) Shell Layer: Fluoropolymer, Perfluorinated Material

(1) Copper Core Tire: 19 × 0.32
(2) heating Core Belt: Normal PTC, Fluorine PTC (Polymer Composite Conductive Material)
(3) Insulation Layer: Flame retardant polyolefin

(4) Shielding layer: tinned copper wire braid or other metal wire braid with a coating density ≥ 80%.





Product Parameters



(1) Standard Color: black/Blue


(2) Temperature Range: The maximum operating temperature is 65 °C, the maximum sustained temperature is 90 °C (Belt core temperature maintained).


(3) Design temperature: minimum-60 °C for fluoride materials.


(4) Starting current: ≤ 0.4 A/m


(5) Thermal stability: After the electric heating belt has passed the thermal performance test, its power should be maintained at 90% of the original value.


(6) Bending radius: 25.4mm at-20 °C, 35mm at-30 °C
(7) Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the electric heating conductor and the metal shielding layer shall not be less than 50 MOM.








(1) Automatic adjustment of output and compensation according to the actual amount of heat required by the electric heating system This is a new generation of energy-saving constant temperature heaters.


(2) It can be arbitrarily shortened or extended within a certain range, and it allows multiple transitions without worrying about overheating and ignition points.


(3) Low temperature, fast start and uniform temperature, as each part can be automatically adjusted due to the temperature change of the heater part.


(4) Easy installation, easy maintenance, 24-hour service, high automation, low operation and maintenance costs.

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