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Working principle

The snow gutter method uses a rain and snow sensor. This requires two conditions. The first is the ambient temperature, and the second is the ambient temperature. If the two requirements are met, the snow melting system can work. Snowmelt in the drainpipe is basically the same as in a conventional pipeline. The junction box can also be connected to a central control room or DCS system via remote communication, and the operating state of the snow melting system can be observed and monitored in the central control room.

Construction and installation

Generally, there are two ways to install in the chute: first lay a layer of barbed wire, and then fix the heating cable, calculated in proportion to the barbed wire, with cable ties or steel wire, or another way to install snow. Smelting in the gutter. Use a special clamp, and then lay the heating cable and use the clamp to fix it. There are also two ways to install a drainpipe: one way is to wrap it on the outside of the drainpipe, thus the pipe has an insulating layer, and the other is to insert an electric "U" heating cable into the drainpipe.

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