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Working principle

The temperature sensor located on the pipeline transmits the measured temperature to the temperature control meter in the intelligent temperature control box via the signal cable, and the temperature control meter compares the obtained temperature with the specified temperature, and the current temperature is above set. Preset temperature When the current temperature is lower than the set temperature, electric heating does not work To avoid frequent starts, hysteresis is usually set, the junction box can also be connected to the central control room or DCS system by remote communication, can observe and control the start and stop of the electric heating cable at the remote end.

Construction and installation

The electric heating cables on the pipeline are usually done by direct laying or winding. When installed, it is fixed with a heat-resistant self-adhesive tape at 60 cm intervals. The heating area of the large pipeline, the power distribution box and the temperature sensor are fixed on the pipeline with stainless steel belts. If the temperature of the second junction box and the third junction box is 200 °C, it is usually fixed by the stainless steel tape.

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