Application of the method of electric heating on the skin effect in the oil pipeline

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2023-04-17 10:08

The electric heating method of oil-seam pipeline can be divided into surface effect electric heating method and electric heating method. The skin effect electric heating technology is a new type of pipeline heating technology. The skin-effect electric heating method has become widespread abroad and has become the first choice for heating oil over the past 20 years.

The principle of skin-effect electric heating is to use AC electromagnetic induction to generate joules heat, as shown in Figure 1. The far end of the ordinary cable is short-circuited through the pipe with the heating steel pipe, and alternating current is passed between the near end of the cable through the pipe and the steel pipe, And an alternating magnetic field is set at the far end. Steel pipe. Under the action of a magnetic field, vortex currents are generated inside the wall of the steel pipe, with vortex currents close to short circuit, releasing a large amount of joules of heat. It can be seen that the skin-effect electric heating body is a steel electric heating pipe, not a cable. Electric heating with a skin effect can be divided into two methods: internal heating and external heating.

The heat transfer effect from the heater in the pipe is good, but the design and maintenance are complicated; the heat transfer effect from the heater outside the pipe is worse than that of the steel pipe heater, but the design and maintenance are more convenient. The heating system using surface effect electric heating technology has simple design, safety and reliability, long service life, simple automatic temperature control, high thermal efficiency and low design cost. The following advantages:

(1) The process is simplified, the design is convenient, and the construction cost is low. Electricity skin effect.

In electric heating technology, only one pipe is used, and the project cost is 20% lower than the three-pipe process.

(2) The temperature is adjusted automatically and the worker's work intensity is low.

(3) High heating efficiency and low power consumption.

(4) The whole pipeline line is heated, so no need to worry about condensation on the pipeline.

Once the skin effect electric heating technology is promoted and applied in remote well stations, it can replace the three-pipe process, reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, obtain obvious economic benefits, and raise the technical level of crude oil collection and transportation to a new stage.

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