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Self-regulating High Temperature Heating Cable

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Self-regulating High Temperature Heating Cable

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Self-regulating High Temperature Heating Cable

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High-temperature series self-regulating electric heating belt is widely used in the heat-insulating, anti-coagulation and anti-freezing of pipelines and storage tanks of industrial enterprises such as fire protection,  petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power and environmental protection. The electric heating belt is suitable for general area, dangerous area and corrosion area.  After being used with the explosion-proof power supply junction box, it is suitable for the “T4—T6” group of explosive gas mixture in Zone  1 and Zone 2 of the factory which is not directly impacted by external force.

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Temperature class: high temperature (G) series
Structure type: basic type (J), shielded explosion-proof type (P), protective type (F), explosion-proof protection type (PF), explosion-proof and anti-corrosion type (PF2, PF46)
Voltage level: 220V, 380V
10°C nominal power: 45W/m, 55W/m, 65W/m, 75W/m
Explosion-proof mark: ExeIIT4 Gc
(1) Copper core busbar: 19×0.32, 19×0.41
(2) Heated core tape: ordinary PTC, flame retardant PTC, fluorine-containing PTC
(3) Insulation layer: modified polyolefin, flame retardant polyolefin, fluorine-containing polyolefin, perfluorinated material.
(4) Shielding layer: tinned copper wire braid or other wire weave, covering density ≥75%.
(5) Sheath layer: fluorine-containing polyolefin, perfluoro material.


(1) Automatically adjust the output power and compensate according to the actual heat demand of the heat tracing system. It is a new generation energy-saving constant temperature heater.
(2) It can be arbitrarily truncated or used within a certain range, and allows multiple overlaps without high temperature hot spots and burnout.
(3) Low temperature state, quick start, uniform temperature, because each part can be automatically adjusted due to temperature changes in the heat tracing.
(4) Easy installation, simple maintenance, all-day service, high level of automation, low operating and maintenance costs.
(5) Safe and reliable, wide use, no pollution to the environment, long life.

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