On the choice of electric heating insulation type for viscous oil pipelines

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2023-02-10 17:17

my country is rich in heavy oil resources, but most of the heavy oil fields are difficult to exploit and the cost is high, which seriously limits their development. With the development of science and technology and the growing shortage of traditional oil and gas resources, heavy oil resources are gradually widely used. Valued, well-performing production prospects.

Heavy oil production uses electric heating to keep it warm due to the difficulty of leaking. Due to the high freezing temperature and the density characteristics of the heavy oil during transportation, as soon as the ambient temperature drops, the pipeline will freeze and block. To ensure the normal flow of super-heavy oil in the pipeline, maintain a certain operating temperature, and ensure good turnover in transportation, as with the electric heating of the well in production, an electric heating belt can be selected. For the pipeline to keep it warm.

Electric heating cables for fuel oil piping need to be selected with different characteristics of heating cables due to different pipe diameters, temperature requirements and actual environmental factors on site. Common electric heating cables include mineral insulated heating cables, constant power electric heating cables, self-regulating electric heating cables, surface effect electric heating cables, etc. D.

Self-regulating temperature heating cable is economical and suitable for short piping. If there are many taps, flanges and pump fittings on the pipeline, it is also recommended to use a self-regulating temperature heating cable. Since the self-regulating electric heating cable can be cut arbitrarily, the installation is simple. On the knee or flange, if the electric heating cable is wound or superimposed, there will be no high temperature phenomenon.

If the pipeline is long, such as several kilometers, it is possible to consider constant power series electric heating cables, because for pipelines within 3000 meters, only one serial electric heating cable can solve the heat preservation problem, that is, one circuit can be completed. In addition, the series of constant power electric heating cables has high temperature resistance, high heating temperature and uniform heating, which is suitable for freezing protection and heat preservation in industrial main pipelines.

With the greater length of the pipeline, extending for several kilometers or even tens of kilometers, products such as skin-effect electric heating cables can be considered.

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