On the choice of configuration of electric heating of oil pipelines in ports

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2022-12-01 17:12

Due to the great distance between the port terminal and the tank farm at the rear, the pipeline is the artery connecting the vessel and the shore. According to the characteristics of crude oil, most oil pipelines in northern ports need heat preservation and heating to prevent clogging of pipelines.

In the early stage of the oil pipeline, hot water and steam were mainly used for heating and heat preservation. Depending on the diameter of the pipeline and the length of the transportation path, steel pipes of various thicknesses are selected to be attached to the crude oil pipeline, and the heat is monitored by hot water and steam. The thermal efficiency is low, and the phenomenon of "running, crackling, dripping and leaking" will occur, and there will be a large maintenance workload, energy waste, environmental damage and other disadvantages.

Electric heating is to use the heat generated by the electric heating products to compensate for heat losses by heating pipes and other process devices so that the appropriate temperature of the medium can be maintained within reasonable limits to meet the process requirements. Electric heating can directly convert electrical energy into thermal energy, has simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. D. It is widely used in petrochemical pipelines for heat preservation and heating.

The electric heating cable is installed between the insulation layer and the outer wall of the pipeline and uses electric heating to compensate for heat loss in the transportation and storage process, so that the transport pipeline can be maintained within a certain temperature range to achieve the goal of heating, heat preservation, and antifreeze. The two commonly used heating cables are constant power heating cables and self-controlled heating cables.

In accordance with the thermal losses of the pipeline, calculated by the electric heating insulation system, the equivalent heat generated by a certain specification and quantity of electric heating products is used for replacement and supplement; through the parameters of the pipeline, the working situation and the actual form of the pipeline laying on site. In combination with the characteristics of the electric heating cable, the configuration of the electric heating cable can be precisely selected.

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