What electric heating cable is used for port oil pipeline?

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2022-08-25 17:55

The port is one of the important links in the storage and transportation of petroleum products and liquid chemical raw materials. The storage process mainly depends on the dock, and various petroleum products and liquid chemical raw materials are loaded, discharged, stored, transported and piped. Due to the long distance between the port terminal and the rear storage tank, the pipeline is the artery connecting the vessel to the shore. According to the characteristics of crude oil, most oil pipelines in northern ports need to be heated. Thermal insulation and heating to prevent clogging of the pipeline.

In the early days, oil pipelines mainly used hot water and steam for thermal insulation, however, due to low thermal efficiency, "leak, drip and leak" phenomena occurred, and there were disadvantages such as heavy maintenance load, energy waste, and environmental damage. At present, electric heating technology has gradually replaced water and steam heating, and is widely used for thermal insulation and heating of petrochemical pipelines. The electric heating is to use the heat generated by the electric heating products to compensate for the heat loss by the heating pipes and other process devices so that the appropriate temperature of the medium can be maintained within reasonable limits to meet the process requirements. The electric heating can directly convert electrical energy into thermal energy and has a simple design, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. D.

The electric heating cable is installed between the insulation layer and the outer wall of the pipeline, and uses electric heating to compensate for the heat loss during the storage process, so that the main pipeline can be maintained within a certain range to achieve the purpose of electric heating. Heating, heat preservation and antifreeze. According to the control method of the electric heating cable, it can be divided into the following two categories:

Constant power electric heating belt. It consists of metal wires connected in series or in parallel and then combined with a conductive core and insulating material. Because of its constant power output, temperature storage should be controlled by power on and off.

Constant power parallel electric heater

A series of constant power parallel electric heating tapes has a constant calorific value per unit length. The longer the electric heating belt is used, the larger the total output power, and the maximum use length of the single circuit is larger; it is mainly used for various high-temperature pipelines, Appliances and tanks Physical equipment insulation, maintenance and heating temperature higher.

Electric Heating Tape Series

HCL Series Electric Heating Tape is a type of electric heating with a wire core as a heating element. Since the resistance per unit length of the wire core and the passing current are constant, the entire heating tape is heated evenly from end to end., and the output power is constant. Its biggest feature is its long length of use, which is mainly suitable for heating and heat preservation of single pipelines of long and ultra-long length. The maximum length of the power point is from several hundred meters to several thousand meters.

Self-regulating heating tape. It consists of a conductive polymer, two parallel metal wires and an insulating layer. The polymer wire has a high positive temperature coefficient of resistance and is connected in parallel with each other. It can automatically adjust the output power and automatically limit the heating temperature by changing the temperature of the heated body.

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