The wellbore electric heating technology is an effective method to solve the problem of high viscosity, high freezing temperature, high paraffin heavy oil production.

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2022-08-23 17:13

The borehole electric heating technology uses hollow pumping rods instead of one-piece pumping rods, and the built-in heating cable implements the entire heating process under the pump and at the pump, which solves the difficulties of lifting heavy oil, waxing the tubing and lagging the polished connecting rods.

Huaning's electric borehole heating technology solves the problem of complex production in wells with high freezing temperatures and high paraffin content. The high paraffin content and high freezing temperature will cause the well to be blocked and unable to pump out normally, so it must be replaced by a very difficult reservoir test. Pump jamming, pumping rod breakage and mining. The time norm is very low. After the well bore electric heating technology is used in oil production, working conditions can be greatly improved. The electric heating technology of the borehole adapts well to heavy oil with high paraffin content, high freezing temperature and high viscosity.

The heating technology of the hollow rotor screw pump over the pump in the electric well bore heating technology can solve the problem of complex thickening of the oil in the pump. The hollow rotor screw pump heating technology above the pump implements the heating cable above the pump, up and down the pump, and simultaneously heats the whole process.

Hollow Pumping Rod electric heating technology solves severe heavy oil rod hysteresis in inclined vertical wells in heavy oil thermal production. In the production process, due to the high viscosity of crude oil, well deviation and other reasons, the phenomenon of the pumping rod often occurs, and the problems of low timeliness of production and short production cycle are common. In an effort to solve such a problem in the production of inclined vertical wells, according to the specific production situation, Huening has introduced the electric heating technology of the hollow pumping rod, which effectively solved the problem of the polished rod backlog.

Huaning's electric borehole heating technology is easy to process, convenient to design, safe and reliable to operate, fast to operate, and has a longer life than self-controlled temperature heating cables, and the whole set of equipment can be reused for many wells. It is a promising practical technology, and it will continue to develop in the direction of simplicity, safety, high efficiency and energy saving.

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