Gas pipelines in gas fields are often clogged with hydrates, which makes

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2022-08-22 17:10

Gas pipelines in gas fields are often clogged with hydrates, making it impossible to transport natural gas normally, especially in the autumn-winter period. Electric heating technology is a technology to prevent blockage of gas production pipelines, which prevents blockages of pipelines by replenishing heat losses on pipelines, pipe bodies and equipment. The electric heating process is not only easy to install and can realize automatic control, but also does not pollute the environment and has all-weather performance, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of pipelines. This process is especially suitable for dry pipes, where the environment is unfavorable, wells are prone to blockage, and the process flow pattern does not correspond to the actual situation. If struck with terrain with more undulating slopes, wells of this type are likely to cause freezing and blockage of the pipeline. By bringing heating equipment to pipelines in low-lying areas, it can play a certain auxiliary role in the freezing of pipelines and reduce the labor intensity of personnel. Pipeline heating equipment is widely used in the extraction of gas fields.

During the operation of gas fields in winter, the freezing of solenoid valves, especially the freezing of solenoid valves and shut-off valves, has become a serious problem, resulting in poor sealing between the valve core and the ground and the inability of the solenoid head to move flexibly. After the valve core flew out, it still passed air and the pressure in the pipeline gradually increased, causing the pressure in the pipeline to exceed the level of bearing capacity and causing the pipe to rupture, which posed a serious safety hazard. Electric heating equipment can be used in emergency situations with harsh ambient conditions and winter operation, especially in the case of large-scale well blockages, and can ensure the normal operation of the gas collection pipeline with insufficient depth and the main pipe is bare production.

The name of this complex of equipment is electric heating and electric heating equipment. During operation, it is installed every few meters on a gas pipeline of a certain length, or at the place where each well is blocked in the main pipe.

Its main function is to prevent freezing and clogging during winter operation, to maintain or increase the temperature of the pipeline so that the temperature difference between the gas well head temperature and the inlet temperature becomes smaller, thereby destroying the hydration conditions by increasing the temperature.

At the same time, with digitalization, the station can monitor the operation status of each equipment on the main pipe.

With this set of equipment, it is possible to increase the natural gas transportation temperature and then increase the temperature accordingly with a thermostat, and finally prevent the pipeline from freezing.

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