Team and Execution Is Enterprise Life-Hua Ning Staff Training

Published on:

2020-07-10 21:40

At 13:50 on July 10, 2020, a training session on “Enterprise Realization Ability” was held in the Huanging Conference Hall as scheduled, which was read by Li Daoton, CEO of Shandong Shihua Group and Beijing Huasya School of Management.

A total of 27 people took part in this training. The goal is to analyze the reasons for the poor implementation of the company's personnel from top to bottom, and find out the key to the sustainable growth of the company, so that all aspects of the company's operations
Each employee will work more professionally in future work and service, and continue to innovate and learn, making the company invincible.
This training vividly demonstrated the importance of corporate culture and star products with Mr. Lee's realistic speeches and videos. Mr. Lee continued to ask questions to fully mobilize the
Universal enthusiasm for reflection has given us a deeper level of reflection on our corporate careers.

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