Application of electric heating in large port equipment

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2023-05-26 11:11

At present, electric heating is commonly used to insulate the pipeline, which is an effective measure of pipeline insulation and anti-freeze protection. Electric heating has a small temperature gradient and a long time of thermal stability, which is suitable for long-term use. The required heat (electric power) is much lower than that of electric heating., has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, Convenient design and installation, long service life, and can realize remote control and automatic control. Steam heating and hot water. The working principle of electric heating and heat preservation is to dissipate a certain amount of heat through a heat heater, which directly or indirectly uses heat exchange to make up for the losses of the heated pipe, in order to meet the operating requirements for temperature rise, heat preservation, or antifreeze.


Heat preservation design is to wind the heating cable onto the pipe, and the heating cable is supplemented with the appropriate electrical components to make it normally powered and diffused, so as to achieve the heat preservation effect.


A major port company in the north used a pipeline electric heating system for large-sized mobile equipment in the port. After many years of practice, the electric heating and thermal insulation system started working normally, confirming the suitability of the heating cable and making the water cable dust removal system more advanced, which can be operated all year round. Practice has shown that the self-regulating electric heating cable not only has the characteristics of ordinary hose, but also can be wound on the cable coil as needed, and also has a certain bending and tensile resistance, which meets the requirements of the drum type water cable. Dust removal system.

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