Gas field electric heating system

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2023-05-18 14:05

Electric heating is a method of using electric heating energy to supplement the heat lost by the heater body in the process flow and to achieve the required process operating conditions at a reasonable process temperature of the Witte flow medium. The use of electric heating is especially widespread and important in factories in harsh winter conditions. Depending on the ambient temperature, different types of electric heating can be selected to ensure the normal operation of equipment, which requires electric heating systems in winter, without depending on the weather.

If we take the gas field in Sichuan as an example, the gas field is characterized by high acidity and high pressure, which greatly increases the risk of construction of collection and transportation facilities: highly toxic hydrogen sulfide poses a safety threat to builders and surrounding residents, high well management risks and great difficulties in precautions. The sulfur resistance level and pressure level when selecting the material are strictly required. A slight negligence in the construction of the project can lead to safety accidents.

To ensure normal operation of the Puguang gas field collection and transportation system, each station is equipped with our self-regulating electric heating system. Field testing since its operation shows that electric heating technology effectively solves the problem of frequent clogging of the pressure supply parts, such as the local acid separator liquid level sensor and the external flow meter, and significantly reduces the labor intensity of on-site operators The maximum on-site production safety guarantee. The electric heating system has also become a microcosm of emphasis on the introduction of new technologies and innovations in the gas collection and transportation project.

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