Selection of electric heating type of oil and gas storage and transportation facilities

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2023-05-15 11:26

At present, the oil, gas and gas transportation systems of petrochemical enterprises in my country mainly use steam and hot water heating and heat preservation technology, but for various pipelines, pipelines with a temperature above 150 °C and heat-sensitive pipelines, which should be strictly controlled by temperature, For pipes with narrow gaps, complex shapes and heating of non-metallic pipes, the above methods are often powerless. To solve such problems, electric heating, a new energy-saving technology for storing and transporting oil and gas, is widely used abroad and is actively promoted in China. Electric heating converts electrical energy into thermal energy through the electric belt and gives off heat evenly along the length of the surface of the heated object or over a large area. The electric heating cable mainly plays the role of heating, so it is also called electric heating cable, heating cable, heating cable, etc. D.

Electric heating products can be widely used for heat preservation, protection against freezing and condensate of pipelines, pump housings, valves, tanks and tanks in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food, engineering and other industries. At present, the oil system is mainly used for antifreeze and anti-condensation of oilfield installations for pumping water and Christmas trees; heating and conservation of pipelines at oil pumping stations and drying stations; antifreeze of water pipelines on drilling platforms and oil production platforms. As well as electric heating and insulation of oil pipelines. Petrochemical enterprises are mainly used for antifreeze, anti-condensation, heating and heat preservation of lubricating oil, residual oil, asphalt, catalyst, gas and other pipelines and media tanks; wait.

Explosive gas mixtures are usually formed around medium pipelines, tanks and tanks in petroleum, chemical and other industries that are classified as explosive areas. All kinds of electric heating tapes can only be used in appropriate explosion-proof rooms if they form a complete machine or system with corresponding explosion-proof electrical products or components and have an explosion-proof certificate for the whole machine or system. Explosion-proof electrical accessories for various electric heating cables mainly include: explosion-proof power junction box, explosion-proof double-sided junction box, explosion-proof three-way junction box, explosion-proof shank junction box, explosion-proof temperature controller and explosion-proof junction box, etc. D. Electric heating cables should be used together with special explosion-proof electrical accessories to ensure safe operation.

Most oil and gas storage and transportation locations are explosive locations, so the design of explosion-proof electric heating must be consistent with the current national (or industry) SYJ25-87 "Oil and Gas Explosive Area Zones": Design Rules, etc. Hazardous places formed by explosive gas mixtures formed during the collection, processing and storage of oil and gas at oil and gas production facilities and devices must be divided according to the relevant standards so that electric heating products and explosion-proof electrical appliances can be reasonably selected.

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