Electric heating instead of steam heating for sampling of oxygen analyzer heating pipeline at diphenol plant

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2023-05-13 09:41

Take the Sinopec plant as an example: the oxygen sampling system of the diphenol plant in this plant uses 0.03 MPa low pressure steam heating line long Insufficient pressure, when the temperature is low, the sampling liquid will freeze, the heating pipe will be blocked, and it will not be easy to blow, etc. D., which will lead to abnormal operation of the oxygen analyzer system, affecting the control and operation of technical personnel, creating inconveniences for production, as well as accompanying steam. Every winter, the instrument maintenance shop has to spend a lot of effort and materiel on the insulation of the pipeline in order to ensure the safe operation of the device in winter.

In order to ensure the normal use of the diphenol plant's oxygen analyzer system in the winter, and for better production control, the conversion of the oxygen analyzer pipeline heating system of the diphenol production plant has been applied with advanced electric heating with automatic temperature limitation. It can realize automatic adjustment and control of heating temperature, has low operating costs, high safety and reliability, and good heat preservation effect.

The electric heating system of the diphenol unit oxygen analyzer consists of a temperature control system, a heating cable and a thermal resistance temperature measurement element, as well as a relay, a temperature controller (electronic) and a thermocouple. The relay is connected to the temperature controller, the thermocouple is connected to the temperature controller, and the programmable controller is connected to the human-machine interface control unit to automatically adjust the heating temperature.

With the application of heat preservation and freezing protection, electric heating technology has the advantages of high heating efficiency, easy installation, reliable quality and long service life. The oxygen analyzer sampling point at the diphenol production plant is relatively high and needs to be drawn from the top of the 30-meter oxidation tower to the bottom of the tower, and there is also a horizontal pipeline 3 m above the ground, which was then led to the analysis room. The oxygen analyzer of the diphenol device used electric heating before using the electric heating to keep the heat. Due to the low heating steam pressure (0.03MPa), the sampling point is relatively high. When the temperature is low in winter every year, the sampling liquid will freeze. The heating pipe is blocked and it is not easy to blow, which affects the work of the analysis. Therefore, a large amount of maintenance work is required.

The self-limiting temperature electric heating system has been successfully applied to heat the oxygen analyzer of the diphenol plant. Shielded electric heating cables are used in the area of the device, and explosion-proof components such as junction boxes that meet the safety requirements of the production area are used to install accessories. The electric heating system with automatic temperature limitation has been adopted, and the pipeline temperature is designed to be maintained at 25-35 ° C, which reduces heat preservation costs, reduces daily maintenance costs and reduces the failure rate of devices, and improves safety. And reliability, and very convenient to operate, providing oxygen analysis. The normal operation of the device is convenient for controlling the work of the master. The electric heating system of the oxygen analyzer of the diphenol plant was installed and put into operation in November 2019. So far, no sampling fluid has been found blocking the sampling tube due to the solidification of the sampling fluid, and its use is in good condition. Condition.

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