The main problems in the field of electric heating design

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2023-04-25 11:17

As an effective electric heating solution to compensate for heat loss through electric heat exchange, electric heating is mainly used for freezing protection and heat preservation in pipelines (storage tanks) in the power industry. As electric heating technology becomes more and more mature, electric heating engineering products are gradually replacing traditional steam and hot water heating products with the advantages of cleanliness, energy saving and ease of management, and have become a key national energy saving project.

Compared with traditional steam heating systems and hot water heating systems, electric heating engineering systems have the characteristics of good heating effect, simple installation process, energy saving and low maintenance costs. Technical products for electric heating are widely used in the oil, chemical industry, electric power, medicine, mechanical engineering, food, shipbuilding, etc. The main goals of using engineering products for electric heating are winter antifreeze, technological heating and technological heating.

1 Irrational price competition

In recent years, the electric heating industry in my country has begun to experience an oversupply. In order to maintain survival or expand market share, unprecedented market competition has unfolded among electric heating engineering companies. Manufacturers often have fierce competition based on "price wars." Profits of most companies have long remained at very low levels. Time, and the profits of the entire industry have been seriously reduced.

2. Serious product uniformity

Product differentiation refers to the different characteristics and differences of products provided by different manufacturers in the production of similar products. The purpose of the enterprise for the production of differentiated products is to cause special preference among consumers for the products of the enterprise, thereby occupying an advantageous position in the market competition. However, the phenomenon of "imitation" is common in electric heating enterprises in my country. The brand advantage of enterprises is small, the phenomenon of product uniformity is serious, the influence of brands on user purchasing decisions is very limited, and they lack personalized and humanized design.

3 Poor independent innovation capacity

In the development and growth phase of electric heating engineering enterprises in my country, due to the low threshold and short cycle, many enterprises flock to them, emphasizing only large-scale expansion, thus ignoring the investment and construction of enterprises in innovative technology. Some companies lack long-term planning and have become accustomed to mimicking and learning from foreign companies' products when developing new products, resulting in a lack of skills for companies with important technology and relatively few patents for developing electric heating products.

The electric heating engineering enterprises of my country are imperfect in the structure of the technological innovation system: on the one hand, they lack the relevant technical talents and teams, on the other hand, they lack the support of the relevant systems and development processes. Investment in auxiliary resources, such as incentive mechanisms, due to the short-sighted development of enterprises, in order to pursue short-term interests and results, they have abandoned medium-and long-term investment and planning in technology, and the entire electric heating engineering industry lacks an atmosphere of technological innovation.

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