Composition of insulation of pipes and antifreeze system of electric heating

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2023-04-24 10:11

The purpose of pipeline insulation and antifreeze is to make up for the heat loss caused by the temperature difference inside and outside the pipeline shell. To achieve the goal of protecting the pipeline from freezing and preserving heat, it is only necessary to ensure the heat loss of the pipeline, maintain the thermal balance of the fluid in the pipeline and keep its temperature virtually unchanged. The insulation of the heating cable pipe and the freezing protection system should ensure the heat loss of the pipeline and keep its temperature virtually unchanged.

The electric heating system of pipelines consists of three parts: a heating cable power system, a pipeline heating system with a non-freezing cable, and an intelligent control and alarm system for the electric heating of the pipeline. Each heating cable unit includes a thermostat, a temperature sensor, an air switch, an AC over-limit alarm transmission, a heating cable shutdown monitor, a working status display, an emergency buzzer and a transformer circuit to observe, monitor and adjust the working state of the electrical equipment. Thermal guidance.

Under working conditions, the temperature sensor is placed on the heated pipeline, and its temperature can be measured at any time. The thermostat compares the measured temperature with the temperature sensor according to the specified temperature, disables the transmission through the air switch in the control unit of the heating cable and the alarm over the AC limit, and disconnects and connects the power supply in time. To achieve the purpose of heating and antifreeze.

Composition of Pipeline Electric Heating System

1 The power supply system consists of a low-voltage switchboard power switch, electric transmission and distribution pipelines and an electric heating control cabinet. For each electric heating cable heating circuit, the electric heating control unit is equipped with air switch, leakage switch, ambient temperature control system and other devices.

2 Depending on the type, diameter, length of the fire extinguishing pipeline, the type and thickness of the insulating material, electric heating cables of various specifications and models are selected and laid on the pipeline. To ensure that the heating cable is stacked firmly, secure the heating cable with polyester tape in the direction of the pipeline.

3. Electric heating cables are equipped with insulating materials, and insulated pipes are marked with the type of pipe, the place of the beginning and number of the heating cable, the place and number of the junction box, etc. D. v

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