Tunnel Fire Pipe Electric Heating System

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2023-04-24 10:10

Almost all high-speed mining lines under construction in Shanxi area pass through tunnels. Therefore, the design and construction of the tunnel electromechanical installation has become a key and difficult moment. How to ensure the safety of the operation of the tunnel, the fire protection of the tunnel has also become an integral part. Fire-fighting pipelines are closely related to life safety, especially in the cold winter in Shanxi, freezing protection and heat preservation of fire-fighting pipelines requires the protection of electric heating systems to ensure that fire-fighting pipelines do not freeze. Usually the daytime air temperature and the temperature limit of the geographic location of the tunnel; the wind speed at the entrance to the tunnel and in other parts is relatively high, and the temperature is relatively low; for normal operation, the tunnel fire protection system adopts the electric heating system of the pipelines.

The traditional method is to use steam, hot water, or heat transfer fluid as a heat transfer medium to supply the necessary heat to equipment and pipelines in the form of internal and external accompanying pipes, jacketed pipes, or internal and external coils. Steam supply, water drainage, condensate utilization, temperature regulation, thermal energy utilization Steam not only has a huge amount of engineering work, but also high operating costs in terms of steam supply, water drainage, condensate utilization, temperature regulation and thermal energy utilization. Equipment and pipelines are also subject to corrosion. It is for the above reasons that electric heating products are becoming more and more popular.

The electric heating system of pipelines consists of three parts: a heating cable power system, a pipeline heating system with a non-freezing cable, and an intelligent control and signaling system for electric heating the pipeline. Each heating cable unit includes a thermostat, a temperature sensor, an air switch, an AC over-limit alarm transmission, a heating cable shutdown monitor, a working status display, an emergency buzzer and a transformer circuit to observe, monitor and adjust the working state of the electrical equipment. Thermal guidance.

Choose the model and length of the heating cable according to the diameter and length of the pipe. When installing the heating cable, it cannot be bent or dragged on the ground for a long distance.

If you hit sharp edges, stick an aluminum foil tape or flatten sharp edges to avoid scratching the outer edge of the heating cable. The minimum bending radius of the heating cable should be less than the value specified in the manufacturer's catalog The heating cable should be located close to the surface of the equipment and pipes to facilitate thermal conductivity. Fix it at a certain distance with an aluminum foil tape. When installing the accessories of the electric heating belt, the electric heating belt must have a certain margin.

With the continuous development of science and technology, technological innovation and the application of new materials, electric heating technology is becoming more and more economical, safe and reliable, and its application fields are becoming wider and wider. It is widely used in pipes, valves, heating and antifreeze for solvent tank. It is not only suitable for hot water and steam heating, but also can solve the complex problems of steam heating, such as: For heat-sensitive environments, electric heating can effectively control the temperature and prevent the environment from overheating and decomposition. Pipes and equipment that must maintain a higher temperature, such as ≥ 200%, - ~ ordinary steam is difficult to achieve, but electric heating technology can achieve this. In recent years, due to the abnormal climate, most cities in my country have seen the freezing and cracking of pipelines, which has led to significant economic losses. Pipelines can be effectively solved. It plays an important role in ensuring the safety of pipelines in expressway tunnels.

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