Selection of thermal insulation electric heating cables for pipeline pumping stations

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2023-04-21 10:38

Maintaining pipeline temperatures at pumping stations is an important issue in the process of designing engineering structures in oil fields. When the ambient temperature decreases, it is difficult to guarantee the reliability of crude oil in the pipeline. The viscosity of crude oil increases and the flow rate decreases, which affects the pipeline. When the temperature of crude oil falls below the freezing point, the crude oil mostly solidifies, And the pipeline is blocked or even broken.

As an example, take the pipeline pumping station of the Qinghai Oil Field located in the northwest of the Kaidam Basin. Natural conditions are harsh, the seasons are unclear, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the average elevation is 2,875 m above sea level. From November to February, the average temperature is minus 20 ℃, the crude oil is easy to condense, the electric heating time for solid investment is longer, and the set temperature is higher than usual.

Electric heating is used to heat the process pipeline of the pumping station. Electric heating is to use electric heat energy to supplement the heat lost by the heating body in the process, so as to maintain the most reasonable process temperature of the flow medium. Electric heating is a uniform heat release along the length of the pipeline or over a large area of the volume of the tank, as opposed to electric heating, when the heat load is strongly concentrated at one point or over a small area; temperature gradient tracking (this is the temperature in nature, The phenomenon of stepwise increase or decrease in water temperature or soil temperature with changes in ground height or water area and soil depth.) a small, long time of thermal stability, suitable for long-term use. Use, and the required heat (electricity) is much lower than that of electric heating. Electric heating has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple construction, convenient construction and installation, no pollution, long service life, and remote control and automatic control.

Depending on the differences in electric heating, it can be divided into: self-regulating type and constant power electric heating. The Pipeline Pumping Station selects our Huaning Three Phase Constant Power Type. It uses three parallel insulated copper core wires as a bus, and the heating wire is wound on its insulating surface, and the heating wire is cross-connected to the bus at a certain distance to form a continuous parallel resistance. This electric heating cable can be cut arbitrarily, and it cannot overlap, intersect, and be clamped in the middle of the material of the thermal insulation layer to avoid overheating and damage to the electric heating cable.

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