How To Choose Electric Heating Cable For Cryogenic Drilling Rig

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2023-04-21 10:32

With the development of the economy, people's demand for oil is increasing day by day, but normal onshore oil resources are decreasing day by day, and the exploration and development of oil resources in the oceans, swamps, deserts, and polar environments is gradually developed. A cryogenic drilling rig is a drilling rig that can perform conventional drilling operations in a low ambient temperature environment (the lowest ambient temperature can reach-45 °C). The drilling manifold is the main pipeline for drilling mud, and the ambient temperature directly affects the quality of the feed, which plays a vital role in drilling operations. To ensure normal supply of drilling mud to the manifold in low temperatures, it is necessary to heat the track and preserve the manifold. At present, two heating methods are widely used: steam or hot water and electric heating.

directly ompelibate chicolpez pez. -45 ~-20 ℃ that at lower temperatures, heating and heat preservation require more energy consumption. With a temperature of-20 to 10 ℃, the normal operating time of the drilling rig is longer, and the energy consumption required for heating and heat preservation is smaller. At the same time, for the convenience of control, operation and maintenance, the design uses the electric heating structure. The application of electric heating technology in low-temperature drilling rigs can improve drilling efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs, which meets the current requirements of production and development in the energy saving and low-carbon economy. Mohe's low-temperature drilling rig has an ambient temperature of-45 to 45 °C, the area of use is the pipeline in the pipeline trough with external insulation, and the maintenance temperature is 5 ~ 10 °C. The electric heating cable must have a long service life, especially the electric heating cable can be used according to the pipeline. The output power is automatically adjusted for heat loss, the heating temperature is uniform, the installation and design are convenient, and the maintenance and repair is simple. When the pipeline temperature is kept below 5 ~ 10 °C, the output power of the electric heating belt exceeds the rated power. When the pipeline and environment temperature is higher than 10 °C, the output power of the electric heater Heating belt is less than the rated power. The higher the temperature, the lower the power. Therefore, the self-limiting temperature electric heating belt is selected.

To summarize, it can be said that electric heating has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, simple construction, convenient construction and installation, long service life, remote and automatic control, etc. D. The application of an electric heating cable in the manifold of a low-temperature drilling rig ensures the normal circulation of the drilling mud during the drilling process, and the drilling operation can be performed normally under low-temperature conditions, thus reducing drilling and energy costs.

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