Compared with steam heating, electric heating has advantages in the insulation of outdoor instruments and measuring pipelines in nuclear power plants.

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2023-04-14 10:46

All the first nuclear power plants in my country were located in mild climate areas, so there is no need to take into account the insulation of instruments and pipelines. However, with the adjustment of nuclear policy, the number of nuclear power plants in the cold northern regions is also increasing. To ensure the normal operation of instruments at these nuclear power plants, instruments and pipelines must be isolated.
At present, outdoor appliances and measuring pipelines mainly use the following two electric heating measures: one is traditional steam or hot water heating, the other is electric heating.

Compared with steam and water heating, electric heating has the following advantages:
(1) There is only linear contact between the steam or hot water heating pipe and the process pipeline, and the heat exchange efficiency is usually about 48%, while the electric heating product is flat, and a wide heat exchange can be formed. With aluminum glue and its thermal efficiency up to 95%.
(2) The heat energy transfer loss of steam and hot water is much greater than the power transmission loss. When the heated pipe is far away from the heat source, the line loss is significant and the power transfer loss is less.

(3) Requirements for an ideal electric heating pipeline All-year heating and even heating every day and night can vary with temperature changes. Electric heating allows you to achieve the necessary heat through strict control of the temperature control system, but it is extremely difficult to guarantee surface steam or hot water. Thus, some process pipelines with strict temperature control requirements with electric heating can not only save energy, but also provide technological requirements.
(4) Energy-saving steel: Steam or hot water heating pipes are usually double pipes, one running and one running, and electric heating can be used to cancel hot steel pipe to save steel.

(5) Saving high-quality hot water: Steam or water heating uses boilers, and the standard volume of water needs to be supplemented by 5% ~ 10% every day, and the water quality must be treated while electric heating is not required. Water, which in the absence of water or areas with poor water quality can show its benefits even more. (6) In order to protect the environment and reduce pollution, electric heating is different from hot water or steam heating. Electric heating does not cause pollution such as dripping, leaking, running, and leakage.
(7) Reducing design, construction and maintenance costs: The design working load of electric heating is small, the design is simple, the cycle is short, the maintenance is convenient, and the daily maintenance workload is low.

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