Electric heating plays an important role in preventing the pipe column of the gas field collector from clogging.

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2023-04-12 11:53

The blockage of the gas production column from gas wells often occurs in the development of gas reservoirs, especially in the high-pressure gas well production stage. The method of creating electric heating at the wellhead can effectively prevent the ingot column of the gas reinforcement from being blocked, and the high-pressure operation on the ice surface is an effective and safe anti-lock measure.

Experience in the development of many gas fields at home and abroad shows that hydrates are one of the most common factors causing blockages of gas wells and onshore gas pipelines. On the example of a gas field in southwest China, the mouth pressure of the gas reservoir in this gas field is more than 20 MPa, and the flow rate is more than 30 MPa. The lower limit of the hydrating temperature is 26 ° C. That is, when the temperature is below 26 °C, even if there is no throttling and depressurization, hydrates will form, leading to the blocking of the column.

In addition, hydrates and crystalline paraffin form under certain temperature-baric conditions under the flow of oily and water-containing fluids in gas formations, so the crystallization of paraffins is another cause of blockage of wellheads in gas formations.

In the past, the most commonly used method of clogging control was the addition of a chemical alcohol or agent to remove paraffin and antiparaffin. Paraffin. However, these processes cannot avoid high-pressure operations or downhole operations. There are certain risks from an economic and safety perspective.

Since the blockage of the gas well melts at a temperature of 30-60 ° C, and the depth of the dam is within 300 m in the well, it is proposed to use heat heating and heat preservation of the twister well head, as well as use the thermal conductivity effect. Oil pipelines to increase the temperature of the liquid in the surface attachment column, the formation of hydrates and the crystallization of paraffins cause clogging. Among them, electric heating products use electric heating cables, and their structure is shown in the figure.

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