Application of heating cables in heating of civil buildings

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2023-04-12 11:51

Heating cables have the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple design, convenient installation, no pollution, long service life, remote and automatic control, etc. D., which are obviously higher than other traditional sources of thermal energy, which allows for the gradual use of heating cables. Since the 1980 s, in my country's petrochemical industry, the application of electric heating cables in civil buildings has become more and more widespread.

Working principle of the heating cable: When the heating cable is under voltage, the metal wire of the heating element or the resistance wire of the alloy converts electrical energy into thermal energy, the heating wire generates heat and works at the required temperature, and the heating cable deepens. In the filler layer transfers thermal energy by thermal conductivity (convection)

The path and far infrared radiation of 8 μm ~ 13 μm is transmitted to the heated body.

Public buildings generally refer to buildings in the areas of office, tourism, science, education, culture, health and communications The area of public buildings is usually 1/3 of the building area in cities. One of the characteristics of public buildings is that most of them have high space, in which the area of crowd activity, that is, the working area, is only about 1.8 m, which is a relatively small part of the height of the space. With the traditional convection heating method, most of the heat is consumed in the non-working area, resulting in poor heating effect and low heating efficiency. Radiant heating heating cable is the preferred energy-saving method of heating public buildings all over the world because of its good heating effect and heating efficiency. Practice has proven that offices using 8 hours a day and public buildings with low utilization use use for heating use use, and electricity savings are more significant due to intermittent heating.

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