Application of heating cables in plant greenhouses

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2023-04-11 11:15

As an important part of the service sector, the greenhouse is an environmental industry and solar industry, occupies less energy and resources and consumes less, Plays an important role in stimulating quality economic growth and fully meets the requirements of the scientific concept of development. 。

The heating element of the heating cable for growing plants in greenhouses is usually composed of high resistance alloys, such as alloys consisting of copper, nickel, chromium, aluminum and iron. One conductive core of the cable is a copper coin, and the other is a high resistance alloy wire, which can be a single-core or multi-core wire; heat-resistant polyvinyl chloride can be used for insulation, and polyethylene cross-linked with silane, Can use no more than two wires The wires are arranged in parallel and compressed for insulation. Most of the shells are made of heat-resistant and oil-resistant polyvinyl chloride, etc. D., and it is required that the shells contain no lead, cadmium or more harmful heavy metals; in most cases, cables do not require armor. The heating power of this type of cable is as large as you like. According to the user's requirements for the voltage, supply length and total heating power, the manufacturer determines the section of the core and the thickness of the insulation before manufacturing. But the heating cable must come in full, that is, one end of the copper and alloy wire is securely welded or squeezed, and the end is pressurized for sealing, the other end is a die-cast power connector.

Plant heating cables can also use constant power electrical heating cables in parallel power mode. So, it is only necessary to determine the heating cable per unit length. The user can cut it arbitrarily within a certain length range, and the installation is very convenient.

In addition, in winter, low temperatures in the northern region often produce thick accumulations of snow, which are not easy to melt, and will accumulate deeper and deeper over time, which can crush the greenhouse roof. To ensure the stability of the greenhouse, it is necessary to melt the snow on the roof and the surface of the barn. The electric heating system of the chute for melting snow is one of the good ways. The gutter electric heating system uses a heating cable that melts ice and snow in the greenhouse to prevent the greenhouse roof from being damaged by freezing.

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