Application of PTC Electric Tracing Cable in Spandex Production

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2023-04-10 10:31

In the production of spandex, the main cleaning function is to dehydrate the crude DMAC solvent extracted from the spinning system in the distillation tower, remove impurities in the rectification tower, reduce conductivity, and finally pass through the ion exchange column for further reduction. Conductivity Qualified volume is available for polymerization. Of its two reboilers and units and volumes of waste, preservation, purification, filters, die and other equipment, crude oil distillation in three columns. The principle of distillation is to use the boiling temperature difference between the components to achieve the purpose of liquid mixture separation. During vacuum distillation, the boiling point of the special body is reduced, which avoids the liquid decomposition at high temperature.

The function of PTC heating is to prevent the main raw material of PTC spandex from solidifying below 30 °C. Take Henan chemical fiber company as an example. The company uses PTC heating cables to heat tanks with electric heating cables. All five electric heaters of the PTC storage tank are controlled by PLC and semiconductor relay to control the liquid level. When the liquid level reaches 65%, it is drained through the drainage solenoid valve on the return water at the bottom of the tank., When the liquid level reaches 60%, the drain valve closes.

Since 2010, the company also uses the PTC electric heating system to insulate tanks, which significantly saves energy and reduces the labor intensity of workers, and overall the work is going well.

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