What electric heating cables can generally be used on offshore oil platforms

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2023-04-06 11:54

Offshore platforms undertake the tasks of extracting, storing and transporting oil through pipelines to tankers and transporting it to land, therefore, whether it is the extraction, storage and transport of oil or the normal operation and maintenance of any equipment associated with this, including lubrication. Working condition of oil, heat transfer oil, etc. D. Cannot cause the problem of freezing in extremely low temperatures. The use of electric heating allows the oil production equipment of the offshore oil platform to work normally, and oil products to be transported and stored normally in such harsh conditions.

On the other hand, because the platform is located in the sea, the relative humidity is much higher than on the ground platform. It is precisely because of the high humidity that the equipment on the offshore oil exploration platform is more likely to be exposed to water vapor and rain When the temperature drops below 0 °C, for example on the deck If in such places, As a helipad, etc. E., there is residual water, it freezes easily, which creates many dangers for normal operation. In addition, in the case of low temperature, static water or dynamic water in other pipelines on the offshore platform, such as fire water pipes, sewer pipes, clean water pipes, etc. E., are also susceptible to freezing problems, which adversely affects normal operation. Work and life, so these problems All emphasized the importance of applying electric heating systems on offshore oil platforms.

Electric heating uses electrical energy to heat the pipeline When the heat supplied is equivalent to that of the pipeline, the pipeline can maintain a relatively constant temperature under these conditions. General electric heating cables for offshore platforms mainly include:

Low temperature self temperature control electric heating cable

Self-regulating temperature heating cable is the only new generation constant temperature band electric heater. The resistivity of the heating element has a very high positive temperature coefficient "PTC" (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and are connected in parallel with each other. The use of electric heating allows the water temperature in the fire extinguishing pipe and the clean water pipe to be maintained between 0 °C and 5 °C to ensure the normal operation of the fire extinguishing pipe.

Electric Heating Tape Series

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