Application of electric tracer cables in thermal insulation of oil and gas pipelines of offshore oil platform

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2023-04-06 11:51

The construction of thermal insulation pipelines for oil, gas and water on offshore oil platforms is a relatively important environment in the construction of upper blocks Due to the large temperature changes in the marine working environment, the lowest temperature in the Bochai Sea area can drop to-20 °C. When the temperature is extremely low, it is difficult for the pipeline to guarantee the reliability of the liquid quality, and even problems such as oil solidification and pipeline failure can occur. Therefore, the design of thermal insulation and the construction of oil, gas and water pipelines on offshore oil platforms is an important task.

At present, the oil, gas and water pipelines of offshore oil platforms mainly use heat preservation in the heat preservation environment and electric heating. In special cases, these two forms of heat preservation can be used together. The first is mainly based on the low thermal conductivity of the insulating medium (for example, mineral wool, glass wool, rubber and foam, etc. E.) to reduce the loss of heat by the fluid in the pipeline; keep its temperature within the most reasonable temperature range of the process.

Because drilling equipment needs to be in seawater for a long time, the marine environment is complex, easily corrosive, low-temperature freezing of pipelines and other phenomena. Due to the low temperature of the oil pipeline, the paraffin sediments freeze, block the pipeline and affect production, which requires pipeline insulation of the offshore drilling platform equipment. Electric heating is the best choice for heating and insulation of offshore drilling platforms. Our electric heating system has the characteristics of corrosion protection, explosion protection, sterilization and thermal insulation and is applied to the insulation of pipelines of offshore drilling platforms. In addition, in addition to the extraction, storage, transportation, and normal operation and maintenance of some related equipment, including the working state of lubricating oil, oil coolant, etc. D., support for electric heating in extremely low temperatures is required. In such harsh conditions, the normal operation of oil production equipment, normal transportation and storage of oil products are guaranteed.

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