Electric heating replaces steam heating as the main means of heat preservation for gas drishers in steel mills.

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2023-04-01 14:10

Gas dryer is a device designed to remove condensate in a gas pipeline and prevent gas leakage. In areas with a cold climate, at temperatures below 0 ° C, in order to avoid freezing inside the dehumidifier, which affects the use of the dehumidifier and leads to emergency situations, it is necessary to heat the dehumidifier with thermal insulation and electric heating. Previously, dehumidifiers mostly used steam heating, but with rising fuel prices and other problems, electric heating gradually replaced traditional steam heating and hot water heating.

The integrated gas control station in the gas operations zone of the metallurgical group in Shandong Province has a large area, as well as a large number of gas drains and attached upper and lower drains. While maintaining the conversion, all steam heat preservation in the area has been replaced by the preservation of electric heating heat, which can reduce energy costs and reduce the daily maintenance burden.

After the conversion, the plant can save an average of 20 tons of low pressure steam per day, and at the same time minimize the leakage of low pressure steam.

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