Measures for insulation and anti-freezing of pipelines of fire water supply-electric heating and insulation

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2023-03-30 14:00

The fire water supply system is an important part of the subway fire protection design. Under the influence of climatic conditions, there are great differences in the field of water fire protection design between the northern and southern regions. The main problem is the freezing of pipes caused by low temperature. Environment.

A fire water supply system is required for metro and underground interval transport stations In a conventional design, a fire water supply pipeline typically uses a wet system and the pipeline is in a normal flush state. In the water fire extinguishing system of the metro project, fire-prevention water pipelines in the mezzanine of ground and above-ground stations, fire-prevention water pipelines in the hall, fire-prevention water pipelines at the entrances and exits of metro stations, air ducts, etc.;

The fire hydrant system, in which the pipeline is usually filled with water, is a wet system. Measures for the conservation of heat and antifreeze for pipelines of the wet metro system usually have two forms: conservation of conventional heat and conservation of electroheat.

Conventional heat preservation measures for wet system piping can use a magnesium silicate composite shell as heat preservation protection and wrap non-combustible fiberglass composite aluminum foil on the outer layer to prevent moisture. Wrap the aluminum alloy sheet layer outside the moisture-proof layer.

Electric heating of pipelines refers to the mode of active heat preservation, in this case such tuning is performed when normal operation cannot be carried out with the usual preservation of non-freezing heat, refers to an enhanced heat preservation measure.

The electric heating system of the pipeline includes power supply, heating cable, temperature control system, remote control unit, external insulation and pipe identification, etc. Temperature data is displayed through the temperature control system, and these data are relatively accurate as they can ensure the use of the lowest energy consumption to achieve the goal of a good antifreeze effect.

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