Application of electric heating when working with a non-freezing network of natural gas pipelines

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2023-03-18 11:24

Closing stations, primary and medium pressure regulating stations, pipelines, and equalization tanks are important nodes in the natural gas transmission and distribution system that serve as a link between the past and the future, and their safety, stability and fairness are particularly important. For gas supply to the city. Influenced by ambient temperature and thermal insulation and energy saving effect, when there is water in others or pipelines, hydrates are very easy to form in winter, which will cause ice jams, affect the normal life of gas transmission and the safety of pipelines in operation, and the serious causes of stop loss.

During the transmission and distribution process of the gas pipeline in the northwest China city, equalization tanks were blocked to varying degrees by ice in winter, resulting in wasteful waste of resources and environmental pollution. A year later, a natural gas pipeline in one area of the city was broken by fire water, and after filling with a large amount of water, the systematic operation of the entire gas pipeline network in the winter was severely tested.

Measures to protect gas pipeline networks from freezing are important, among which the heating method is widely used. The heating method is to raise the temperature of the natural gas before throttling or lay the hot water heating pipeline parallel to the gas production pipeline to keep the gas stream temperature above the dew point of natural gas, which is an effective method. To prevent the formation of hydrates. Usually an electric heating system is used.

The design mainly includes: self-regulating electric heating cable, thermal insulation wool, air switch, electric heating terminal. Taking medium-pressure underground pipeline as the starting point and low-pressure underground pipeline as the end point, compare the heat dissipation rate of the pipeline with the electric heating power to race

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