Electric heating system of solvent deasphalting plant

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2023-03-16 13:47

In the solvent deasphalting unit of the Henan refinery, the process environments are mainly colloids, road asphalt, waste oil, and catalytic cracking oil slurry, which are high freezing temperature environments, and the service temperature provided by the technologist is 180-250 °C. ° C.

Electric heating is commonly used to maintain the temperature. Conventional electric heating methods include jacketed pipe heating, cement heat external heater, electric heating, steam heating, etc. D. After many comparisons in terms of labor and cost savings, the company finally opted for electric heating.

The reinforced heating cable we supply can maintain a maximum temperature of 600 °C and withstand a maximum temperature of 800 °C, which can be used for high temperature heating where the steam heater is not suitable.

In a certain range, electric heating has the following advantages over traditional steam heating and water heating:

The electric heating device is simple, heats evenly, adjusts the temperature precisely and quickly, can be remotely controlled and remotely controlled to realize automatic control.

The electric heating has explosion-proof, all-weather performance, high reliability and long service life.

The electric heating has no leaks, which is good for environmental protection, does not cause "work, cotton, drip or leak" and does not pollute the environment.

Electric heating saves steel. Electric heating products have small dimensions and do not increase the amount of insulating materials used in laying, which saves insulating materials.

Electric heating saves water resources, which is more advantageous in areas with water scarcity or poor water quality.

The amount of work on electric heating is small, which can significantly reduce the costs of design, construction and operation.

Electric heating is not only suitable for various places where steam and hot water are heated, but it can also solve problems that are difficult to solve with steam and hot water heating.

The biggest advantage of electric heating products is high efficiency, which allows you to significantly save energy.

The electric heating cable has a small size and a small heat dissipation surface.

The efficiency of heat exchange of electric heating reaches 90%-96%.

The electric heating heat sink is uniform, and it only needs to compensate for the heat loss with an insulating layer.

Power transmission losses are very small.

The electric heating can be strictly monitored by the temperature control system and automatically shut down and supply power to meet the requirement that the electrical heat generated or heat transferred be exactly equal to that of the pipeline.

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