How to choose electric heating method for bitumen with high freezing point, residual oil and paraffin oil

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2023-03-15 11:16

In the process of industrial production, in order to realize the normal operation of the process and energy saving, most of the hot processing equipment and pipelines need to be isolated. However, heat loss is still inevitable. In some gas pipelines, condensate is formed due to temperature differences, which leads to corrosion of equipment pipeline materials or "hydraulics". The decrease cannot meet technological requirements, and in some environments crystallization occurs due to temperature changes. Temperature reduction, block equipment or pipelines, etc. D., all this creates difficulties in production. Therefore, in order to ensure the orderly functioning of the production, public, technological, operational or warehouse process for some special environments, it is necessary to provide measures to compensate for heat from the outside-electric heating.

Due to the complex environment production conditions in the process pipeline, the choice of heating environment should be carefully studied and carefully considered according to the process conditions when determining the heating system Oil and gas are designed for high freezing temperature environments such as asphalt, residual oil, paraffin oil, etc. D. The correct choice of electric heating method is very important for the normal production of the device.

Electric heating consists in the use of electric heat to compensate for the heat loss of the heated object in technological processes in order to maintain the temperature of the medium.

The main types of electric heating are: induction heating method, direct switching method, and resistance heating method.

Resistive heating products are commonly used in pipeline engineering. This electric heating method uses the principle of resistive heating of the circuit to compensate for the thermal losses of the pipeline.

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