Construction stages of mineral insulated heating cable

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2023-03-15 11:15

Mineral insulated heating cable (EadCalle mineral insulated) consists of a metal core (heating body), the core is tightly surrounded by mineral magnesium oxide (insulation layer) and a metal tube (usually copper, steel, etc. E.) which is dragged many times. or stainless steel, alloy 316L, 825 etc. E.). If desired, the layer of anticorrosive outer shell of polyperfluoroethylene and propylene can be extruded outside the metal shell.

Mineral insulated heating cables are suitable for freezing protection in industry or construction, as well as for heat preservation and heating of process environments. Especially for pipelines that require high power output or withstand high temperature steam purging and operate at high temperature for a long time, in environments that require anti-corrosion and explosion safety, the mineral insulated heating cables of the MISS electric heating system can show. Excellent characteristics.

Put the MI heating cable on the pipeline. When the tank and other devices are installed, a heating cable of a certain type and size is laid along the pipeline, bound with stationary wire at an interval of 500mm, laid outside the tank and fixed with wire tips at a set interval. Size.

Armoured MI cables are connected to each other, and the mounting cables are pulled on the terminal. After processing the terminal, the connector must be installed.

When installing the heating cable, generally each control system is equipped with a temperature measurement element, one for temperature control, and the other for determining the temperature difference to sound the alarm.

After laying the heating cable, it is first wrapped with a layer of galvanized iron sheet and then kept warm. The galvanized iron sheet on the heating cable can maintain a constant temperature on the pipe surface to improve heating efficiency.

The material used for heat preservation is the same as other heating methods, because water seepage reduces heat preservation efficiency, so it is very important to carry out waterproof treatment carefully.

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